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      About the Business...

Mendocino Redwood Coast Products, in business since 2020 in Mendocino County, California. 

The owners, Kent and Leslie Cochran, live near the Pointy Arena Lighthouse where their story began. Kent creates artistic pieces from local findings of redwood and other beautiful woods, and abalone shell, and they make music too, calling themselves 


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Local artists and musicians, we- Kent & Leslie Cochran- bring you our  hand-crafted treasures from the southern Mendocino  Redwood Coast of California.

Between our abalone shell  wearable art, our redwood  slabs, (and other woods), and  unique furniture (all sustainable), 

and the music we write together and play 

(Kent on a 12-string guitar, Leslie a 6-string, with digital percussion),

we are always busy doing what we love.

It all started near the Point Arena Lighthouse,  so we advertise our band as "Lighthouse".

Kent cares for a very large acreage of redwoods and other trees, taking the fallen and standing dead as he benefits the forest.

He also sources other wood from different areas, that he can bring home and mill. We gather the shells together off the beach, bring them home to our shop, and he carves, grinds, polishes, and finishes with lapidary tools. 

We play music in local restaurants, dinners and happy hours, and perform weddings, open houses- anywhere music is needed. 

Our flavor is much like the 70s , with our originals as well as covering faves such as the Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Carole King, and many more.

We invite you to enjoy our work, and as you explore our website, see what we may have for you!

See where we will be playing next on our "Music by Lighthouse" page.

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